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Paulmark Greeting Cards with original rhymes & Custom Notecards

Ready-made Original Greeting cards reasonably priced $3 each.


How to Find a Card in the Catalog:

To choose a card:

Click on the category you're interested in (there may be at least a 6 second delay before it opens). When you glide the cursor over a card, its number, as well as the words front or inside, will appear above the card for a brief moment. For a better look, click once on the face of a card, it will open up to nearly its normal size with a more vivid and sharper image. Click on "next" in the lower right corner to see the inside. To view cards continuously, click next.  When you want to return to the previous page, click on either side of the card on the black, then scroll to the top and you'll see the categories on the right.

Birthdays and other categories also include selections designed to give special attention to special circumstances. Finding the just-right PaulMark Greeting Card, can require some browsing through the catalogs, but we think you'll find the browsing experience more convenient - and more rewarding - in our online store than in the card aisle of a pharmacy or gift shop.

A great suggestion on how to order your PaulMark cards:

Give some thought as to what cards you may need in the future and put a couple of hours aside on some lazy day to browse through the catalog to make a bulk order. You'll not only save money but you'll be prepared with just the right card when that unique one is needed for that special occasion. Do your one-stop greeting card shopping here on our website. Bulk orders recognized by the amount of cards you order.

Greeting card prices, 1 - $3 * 2 - $5 * 4 - $10 * 6 -$15 * 8 - $20 * 10 - $24 * 12 - $28 * 14 - $32 * 16 - $36 -Prices for larger orders negotiable. Plus, free shipping on any size order of greeting cards!

Ready-Made Custom Notecards

Ready-made packets of 8 notecards with four different brilliantly designed covers, $9.75 per pack 2 - $17.75  3 - $26.00. You can find them by clicking here. They are chosen from hundreds of thousands of graphics which will include most images that might occur to you. Just make a suggestion and I will make you a custom order.

Personalize your Notecards

Imagine a special picture that’s meaningful to you on the face of a note card - for you to send to someone special, or perhaps a casual acquaintance, that will make an instant impression. A picture of your pet, child, sweetheart, spouse or something that represents your hobby or special interest. The recipient will immediately know who it’s from. That might make their day, and yours, when they return the gesture.

All greeting & notecards are printed on Avery quality card stock 4.25"x 5.5”. Custom notecards are $1.05 per card, regardless of how many you order, plus shipping. If you have a favorite picture that you would like to use for a thank you card, I will print that caption on the cards, at no extra cost.

Discounts are available for large orders over 30 (inquire at e-mail address below).

Simply mail or e-mail your photos to the addresses below.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 754 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703 - 508-222-0965


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Paul Pickering

My name is Paul Pickering and this is my story. I suffered a serious accident in November of 1986 that left me paralyzed from the neck down and ventilator dependent 24 hours a day. Also, I lost both of my legs above the knee. These injuries occurred from being struck by a car while hitchhiking along the Southeast Expressway in Boston. At that time I was struggling with a drug addiction, and could not release the grip that it had on me. The accident forced me to become straight as I recuperated in a rehab hospital, learning how to cope with my new life. This left me with new challenges to deal with which actually turned my life around for the better. Even though I struggled for awhile trying to find something constructive to do to fit in, I eventually found my niche.

After a few years of my changed life I realized that I could write four-line rhymes suitable for greeting cards quite naturally. I had always had a creative touch growing up so that helps me to round out the designing process to complete my cards. I discovered that I could achieve this with a voice activated computer program that allows me to dictate commands and edit text to the computer which in turn leaves my hands free which I am unable to use due to my disability.

You'll find that I cover most of the established greeting card occasions, but also some unconventional ones too. My cards are specialized in the respect that if you are patient I guarantee that you will always find just the right card to suit your specific need for any occasion. If you take the time to browse through them you will not only find what you like, but what you desire.  Thank you for taking the time to read my biography. And please feel free to send me feedback by email, whether it's critical suggestions to improve my cards, or any topic that you may want to comment on.

Paul Pickering